Passenger Rail Safety Tips

passenger on train

1. Remain Alert. Trains may be quite silent and can arrive from any direction. You don’t want to be caught unawares and then get hit by the train.

2. Observe Overhang. Some trains are broader in relation to the tracks. Never be on the border of a railway platform.

3. Never Go On Or Get Too Close To The Track. Look out for raised or painted markings at the entrance or exit areas of the platform. It’s good be at least four feet from the train when it arrives.

4. Hold On When On Board Or Stay In Your Seat While The Train Is Moving. Hold on to seats or posts and listen attentively to directions from the driver of the train.

5. Follow Signs. Follow mark and directional signs that allow you to understand where it’s safe to cross over the paths. Crossing the courses everywhere else is prohibited and dangerous.