Railroad Passenger Security

Many people feel travelling through the night or being on packed trains is not ideal and can pose many risks of danger. The suggestions and advice here ought to allow you to finish your journey safely and with a feeling of protection.

Personal security
Do not place anything valuable in your back pocket like money, your passport, or other important documents. If you’re in a foreign land try not to look so conspicuous as you can become a target for sly thieves who prey on tourists. It helps to use an online map or electronic tour book on your electronic device instead of a noticeable map or having an actual tour book. Have your bags in your sight at all times. If you have a purse or handbag with valuables in it, keep it in front of you to prevent pickpockets from easily grabbing your wallet.

If you’re travelling at night by yourself, these precautions can be taken:
-Assess your waiting time, and if you can reach the station just before the train leaves that would be ideal. You don’t want to be standing or sitting at the station by yourself long enough for thieves hatch a plan to accost you.
-Remain in well lit places.
-Organize to be met in the station if possible.

Cell phone security
Take several easy precautions to prevent getting your mobile phone stolen. You can even make your mobile hard to make use of when it is stolen. Here are some ways you can make it harder for a thief to get your phone:

-Avoid talking in your cell while walking (you’ll be distracted and not paying attention to your surroundings).
-Be aware of your surroundings. If you really need to talk on the phone, stay in an area that enables you to see what’s around you and be in an area that makes it hard for thieves to attack.
-Strive to be where you can be seen by a security camera.
-Record the information of your cellular telephone (benchmark number as well as PIN) in case it gets stolen and the police can be alerted to anyone selling or possessing your phone illegally.
-Have extra security on your phone like auto-lock after one or two minutes so that your private information cannot be breached.
-Let your telephone company know where you’re going or register your phone with them so they can maybe locate it with in case it get’s stolen.
-Report a theft of your cellular telephone to your service provider as well as authorities when possible.